Hi! I'm Lindsey Nicole!
Using my life's journey,
from adversity to healing,
to inspire you along yours
Lindsey Nicole
American Muslim convert | Nutritionist | Author | Artist


Faith  |   Health  |  Travel
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Hi, I'm Lindsey!

My life’s wildly unconventional path, from my conversion to Islam at 20 years old, to my decision to raise my children as a single mother whilst traveling the world, has fueled an incredible passion to help support women worldwide.
During the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020, while working to expand my virtual Nutrition practice, I was compelled to develop a platform where women around the globe could offer their unique handicrafts, talents, and skills to others, too. 
Muslim Mama on the Move was born, with the ultimate goal of it becoming a platform for Muslim women worldwide to learn how to monetize their passion and knowledge and offer it on my global platform!