Busy Moms' Guide to: A Healthy Ramadan (+ BONUS recipe book)

Busy Moms' Guide to: A Healthy Ramadan (+ BONUS recipe book)


Every Ramadan, you vow to feed yourself and your family healthy, yet, thanks to the lack of time and energy, you revert to your usual sahoors and iftars within the first week. 


Picky kids, a husband who insists on samosas and rice pudding, and long fasting hours seem to be a recipe for disaster -- but there's hope!


Rather than try radically changing your usual Ramadan meals, making small yet powerful improvements can lead to much healthier meals, and ultimately a much healthier family!


In this step-by-step guide, written by Certified Nutritionist and mother of two, Lindsey Nicole, you'll be armed with the tools necessary to plan out healthier Ramadan meals without spending more time in the kitchen.


Included is: 

  • Simple 4-Step Guide to Planning Your Own Personalized Healthy Ramadan
  • Printable Meal Planning Resources
  • Access to hundreds of whole food, simply recipes
  • Simple Swaps
  • Printable Grocery List
  • Healthy Sahoor and Iftar Templates


BONUS: Enjoy my 14-page Recipe Book of sahoor and iftar recipes for FREE!