Islam didn't abolish racism 1400 years ago. It came to encourage us to abolish racism from our hearts 1400 years ago. Sadly, racism is still alive and well today, but the tide seems to finally be turning, and my hope is that we will commit to raising the next generation to recognize and embrace the beauty in the diversity Allah made in the world. 

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CM: 10x15 | 20x30 | 30x45 | 40х60 | 50x75 | 60x90


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CM: 9x12 | 12x16 | 15x20 | 30x40 | 45x60


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INCHES: 4x5 | 8x10 | 12x15 | 16x20 | 20x25 | 24x30
CM: 10x12 | 20x25 | 28x35 | 40x50


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CM: 50x70
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(5) 11x14 INCHES

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